• Revolutionizing the Water Industry

    The Problem: There are an estimated 6.85 billion people on Earth and the population is currently growing at a rate of about 1.1%, or 75 million people, every year. As world population increases, the need for fresh water increases. Fresh water, however, is a scarce commodity. According to the USGS, only about 2.5% of the water on Earth is fresh water and nearly 66% of that is frozen in polar ice and is therefore inaccessible to us.

    The Solution: Global Seawater Extraction Technologies (GSET) develops and implements scalable technologies that provide clean drinking water at affordable prices in an environmentally friendly process which utilizes all the concentrated brine so as not to negatively impact the water sources from which it is obtained.

  • Multiple Reveune Streams

    Through a proprietary process, GSET is able to utilize the by-products of desalinization thus creating multiple revenue streams. In doing so, we have created a highly profitable and environmentally friendly way to provide potable water at a fraction of the price of most desalinization facilities.

    This proprietary process provides not only clean drinking water, but seasalt, magnesium & calcium compounds, and provides excess renewable energy which can be sold to the grid

  • Our Experience

    The management team at GSET has decades of experience in water desalinization and mining minerals. This, and a well defined vision, gives GSET the ability to design, implement and operate profitable solutions for tomorrows water needs today.